Medical Assisting

Skilled. Helping. Caring.

Medical Assisting is projected to be among America’s fastest-growing occupations through the year 2026 with an expected national job growth of 29%.2  If you enjoy caring for others, being a medical assistant can be an incredibly rewarding career. 

The King's College Medical Assisting program is known for training medical assistants who are well prepared, with solid clinical, laboratory and administrative skills. With King's College’s 10-16 month Medical Assisting program, you will:

    • Learn clinical procedures such as performing injections, administering medications, and running medical lab tests, such as drawing blood and collecting specimens
    • Learn administrative procedures, such as filing medical records, managing and scheduling patients, and maintaining medical records using office systems
    • Have access to the equipment found in physicians' offices
    • Get plenty of one-on-one access to faculty who want you to succeed
    • Complete an 8-week externship
    • Be eligible to take the AAMA certification test

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Our Medical Assisting graduates receive hands-on training in simulated medical laboratory classrooms. Each lab is equipped with the same types of medical equipment used in physicians' offices. 

You will spend most of your time taking classes that directly pertain to the medical assisting career, enabling you to complete the program in as little as 10-16 months. 

As part of the program, you will spend 8 weeks in an externship, which is designed to let students practice what they’ve learned.  

Graduates of King's College's medical assisting program qualify to take the Certified Medical Assistant (AAMA) test. 



Medical Assisting students are taught to:

  • Assist the physician during an exam
  • Operate basic medical equipment
  • Understand and apply aseptic techniques
  • Take and record vital signs
  • Give injections
  • Perform venipuncture 
  • Collect and prepare lab specimens
  • Perform a variety of lab tests 
  • Manage and update medical records
  • Process insurance forms


During your training at King's College, you will be exposed to a wide knowledge base and be given plenty of hands-on experience, all in a shortened time frame. 

As part of our commitment to helping you find a job after graduation, King's College goes a step above and prepares you with networking techniques, a professional resume, and the necessary interviewing skills so you have what you need to succeed.




King's College graduates work for: 

  • Private medical offices
  • Hospital owned medical practices
  • Clinics


The medical assisting curriculum is designed to give you plenty of hands-on clinical, laboratory and administrative training throughout the 10-16 month program.

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As long as you stay enrolled full-time at King's College, tuition rates will be frozen for you and will never go up from year to year.






The King’s College Medical Assisting programs are accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Education Programs ( upon the recommendation of the Medical Assisting Education Review Board (MAERB).  The address and telephone number of the Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Education Programs are 25400 US Highway 19 North, Suite 158, Clearwater, FL 33763 (727-210-2350).


Potential applicants may find the following information at institutional accreditation; contact information for accrediting agencies and state licensing/approval agencies; admissions policies and practices; policies on transfer of credits to and from the institution; policies and processes for withdrawal and for refunds of tuition/fees; and additional consumer information.


Credit Transfer From Another School

Transcripts of work completed at other colleges may be submitted to the Chief Academic Officer for review. Transcripts should be submitted during the first term of a student’s program. Other documentation may also be required. Credits considered for transfer are evaluated by the Chief Academic Officer to determine if the course work is similar in nature, content, and level to that required at King’s College. If the course work is comparable, transfer students may be given credit for courses completed at other accredited colleges provided the grades received for the courses were ”C” or better. Courses completed at other Bradford schools will be treated the same as courses taken at King’s College. 

Because programs at King’s College are specially tailored to career preparation, course credits from other postsecondary schools may not be transferable. 

Credit is not granted for advanced placement or experiential learning. One exception is credit for military training that has been evaluated and recommended for credit by the American Council on Education (ACE). King’s College may award credit based on these recommendations when the credit is for courses similar in nature, content, and level to that required at the college. Students seeking credit for military training should provide a transcript from the American Council on Education for evaluation. Credit will be treated as transfer credit and will count toward graduation. 


Credit Transfer to Another School

The acceptance of credits is always at the discretion of the institution to which a student is attempting to transfer credits. Because programs at King’s College are designed specifically for career preparation, students must assume that credits for courses taken at King’s College are not transferable to other institutions. Neither King’s College nor any of its employees can represent that another institution will accept any courses for credit. 

A student who is interested in attempting to transfer credits to another institution should contact the Chief Academic Officer at King’s College. King’s College will supply the necessary documentation that may aid the student in receiving credits for the completed course work provided the student does not owe the school money, is not delinquent or in default on a student loan, or does not owe a refund on any federal or state student financial aid program.






As a King's College Medical Assisting student, you are able to:

  • Graduate and be ready to work in only 10-16 months
  • Use our proactive job placement department
  • Have smaller classes, focused on your career
  • Learn from faculty with experience in your field
  • Apply for financial aid
  • Finish First!