Gainful Employment

Understanding King’s College Gainful Employment Debt-to-Earnings Rates  

All of the U.S. Department of Education’s published Debt-to-Earnings (D/E) Annual Earnings Rate data for the 2015 debt measure year for King’s College programs are shown below:


Accounting: 7.04

Computer Programming: 6.80

Graphic Design: 7.93

Medical Assisting (diploma): 5.41

Medical Assisting: 7.95

Network Management: 5.76

Office Administration: 8.10

Paralegal Studies: 5.82

Travel and Tourism Management: 7.42


For the Annual Earnings Rate, the numerator is the calculated annual loan payment amount– an estimate of the annual loan repayment amount [to pay off student loans over ten years] based on the median educational debt of the members of the cohort.  The denominator is the higher of the cohort’s mean or median earnings obtained from the Social Security Administration (SSA).   

Annual Earnings Rates of less than or equal to 8% are considered passing rates.  Annual Earnings Rates greater than 8% but less than or equal to 12% are zone rates, and Annual Earnings Rates greater than 12% are failing rates.

Only one King’s College program did not “pass”(it was in the “zone”) and its rate was barely over 8%. This program represents less than 5% of enrollment.

Note that, if someone graduates with debt equal to about 57% of annual earnings two years after graduation, the debt can be paid off over ten years with approximately 8% of those year two annual earnings.  Thus, King’s College is proud to report that the above data show that most students graduate with debt totaling less than 57% of what they are earning two years later.