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King's College strives to provide our students with the tools they need to succeed. We take a personal approach in providing each of our services, beginning with the first admissions visit and following through to our job placement assistance. 

Some of our student-focused resources include:

Admissions:  You’ll be paired with an admissions representative who will work closely with you throughout the admissions process

Education Department:  The Education Department’s goal is for every student to succeed academically. In addition to teaching resources, academic advising is readily available and staff can direct students to a variety of on-and-off campus resources.

Financial Aid:   The Financial Aid staff is involved with students beginning in admissions and continuing through to graduation.

Job Placement Services: Our proactive job placement staff helps students before and after graduation with locating job opportunities, arranging interviews, and assisting in salary negotiations.

Activities:  Activities vary each year, but students may work together on fundraising initiatives, attend field trips related to their programs of study, and have a variety of celebrations. 

Disability Support Services:  King’s College is committed to providing equal access to the college’s academic programs and services to qualified individuals with disabilities through reasonable accommodation. Students who believe they are in need of accommodations should contact the designated Section 504 coordinator, who is the Director/Chief Academic Officer identified in the Administration, Faculty, and Staff section of our academic catalog, by phone at (704) 372-0266 or by mail at 322 Lamar Avenue, Charlotte, NC 28204. The student should provide the designated Section 504 coordinator with a current comprehensive evaluation of a specific disability from a qualified diagnostician that identifies the type of disability and lists recommended accommodations. All documentation will be reviewed by the designated Section 504 coordinator in a timely manner, and appropriate, reasonable accommodations will be provided based on the individual student’s needs. 

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